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Novomed UAE


About Novomed

Novomed is a leading healthcare provider located in the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) free zone. Established with a commitment to delivering exceptional medical care, Novomed has emerged as a trusted name in the healthcare industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With a focus on innovation, quality, and patient-centered care, Novomed offers a comprehensive range of medical services, ranging from primary care to specialized treatments, catering to the diverse healthcare needs of individuals and families in the region.

Services Offered by Novomed

Novomed provides a wide array of healthcare services, covering various medical specialties to ensure holistic care for its patients. These services include:

Primary Care: Novomed offers comprehensive primary care services, including routine check-ups, vaccinations, and health screenings, aimed at promoting preventive healthcare and early detection of health issues.

Specialized Medical Services: With a team of experienced healthcare professionals and specialists, Novomed provides specialized medical services in areas such as cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, and more. Patients can access advanced diagnostic procedures and personalized treatment plans tailored to their specific medical needs.

Dental Care: Novomed’s dental clinic offers a range of dental services, including routine cleanings, restorative procedures, cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontic treatments, ensuring optimal oral health for patients of all ages.

Cosmetic and Aesthetic Treatments: Novomed’s cosmetic and aesthetic clinic provides innovative non-surgical and surgical procedures to enhance one’s appearance and boost self-confidence. Services include Botox, dermal fillers, laser treatments, and cosmetic surgeries performed by skilled plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Wellness and Preventive Medicine: Novomed emphasizes the importance of holistic wellness and preventive medicine. Through wellness programs, nutritional counseling, lifestyle management, and preventive screenings, Novomed helps individuals adopt healthier habits and minimize the risk of chronic diseases.

Corporate Healthcare Solutions: Novomed offers tailored healthcare solutions for businesses and organizations, including corporate wellness programs, occupational health services, and medical screenings, promoting employee health and productivity.

Specialties at Novomed

Novomed’s team of healthcare professionals includes specialists across various medical disciplines, ensuring comprehensive care for patients. Some of the key specialties available at Novomed include:

Cardiology: Novomed’s cardiology department provides comprehensive cardiac care, including diagnostic tests, treatment of heart conditions, and preventive cardiology services to promote heart health.

Dermatology: Novomed’s dermatologists offer advanced skincare treatments, including medical and cosmetic dermatology services for various skin conditions, ensuring healthy and radiant skin for patients.

Gastroenterology: Novomed’s gastroenterologists specialize in diagnosing and treating digestive disorders, such as gastritis, reflux disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and liver conditions, using state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

Orthopedics: Novomed’s orthopedic specialists provide expert care for musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, offering surgical and non-surgical treatments, joint replacement surgeries, sports medicine, and rehabilitation services.

ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat): Novomed’s ENT specialists diagnose and treat disorders of the ear, nose, and throat, including sinusitis, allergies, hearing loss, and vocal cord disorders, utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and minimally invasive procedures.

Ophthalmology: Novomed’s ophthalmologists offer comprehensive eye care services, including vision correction procedures, cataract surgery, treatment of eye diseases, and routine eye exams to maintain optimal eye health.

Why Choose Novomed?

There are several reasons why individuals and families choose Novomed for their healthcare needs:

Experienced Healthcare Professionals: Novomed‘s team consists of highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and specialists, who are dedicated to providing personalized and compassionate care to every patient.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Novomed is equipped with modern medical facilities and advanced technology, enabling the delivery of high-quality medical services and innovative treatments across various specialties.

Comprehensive Healthcare Services: Novomed offers a wide range novomed – dhcc of healthcare services under one roof, making it convenient for patients to access primary care, specialized treatments, dental care, wellness programs, and more in a single location.

Patient-Centered Approach: Novomed prioritizes the needs and preferences of its patients, focusing on building long-term relationships based on trust, respect, and open communication. Patients receive personalized attention and individualized treatment plans tailored to their unique medical conditions and goals.

Commitment to Excellence: Novomed is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety in healthcare delivery. The center adheres to international protocols and guidelines, undergoes regular quality audits, and invests in continuous training and development of its staff to ensure excellence in patient care.

Convenient Location: Situated in the heart of Dubai Healthcare City, Novomed is easily accessible from various parts of Dubai and neighboring Emirates, making it convenient for residents and visitors to seek medical care without hassle.


Here’s what some of our patients have to say about their experience with Novomed:

“I’ve been coming to Novomed for my annual check-ups, and I’m always impressed by the professionalism and warmth of the staff. The doctors take the time to listen to my concerns and provide thorough explanations about my health.” – Sarah A.

“The orthopedic team at Novomed helped me recover from a sports injury with their expertise and personalized rehabilitation program. I’m grateful for their support and guidance throughout my recovery journey.” – John D.

“I recently had a cosmetic procedure done at Novomed, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The surgeon listened to my aesthetic goals and delivered exactly what I wanted. I feel more confident and rejuvenated thanks to Novomed.” – Emily S.

Location and Contact

Novomed is located at [Insert Address], Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, UAE. For appointments and inquiries, please contact us at [Insert Phone Number] or visit our website at [Insert Website URL].

Novomed is your trusted partner for quality healthcare in Dubai Healthcare City. With a comprehensive range of medical services, experienced healthcare professionals, and a patient-centered approach, Novomed is committed to helping you achieve optimal health and well-being. Whether you need primary care, specialized treatments, dental services, or cosmetic procedures, you can rely on Novomed for excellence in healthcare. Make Novomed your healthcare destination in DHCC and experience the difference firsthand.

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